Georgia Aquarium Events and Catering Survey
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If you were to have an event in the same area in the future, how likely are you to host your event with Georgia Aquarium and Wolfgang Puck Catering?
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Sales process/experience overall
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Event space and room set up
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Billing/finance overall
How did you learn about events at Georgia Aquarium?
Did your Sales Manager offer a site inspection?
If you did not complete a site inspection, is there a reason why you didn't?
If you did complete a site inspection, how would you rate your site inspection?
Did you complete a Virtual Visit with your Sales Manager?
If so, did you find it useful?
Did your Sales Manager review all possible Aquarium enhancements available to your event?
Did your Sales Manager follow up with a phone call or email after your event?
Please rate items below you may have selected for your event:
Behind the Scenes Tours
Aquarium Admission
Welcome Diver
Quick Dip Tour
Mascot Appearance
Do you recall your Sales Manager's name?
Please rate your Sales Manager throughout the sales process in the following areas:
Overall service provided
Responsiveness to your calls and emails
Timeliness of contracts, proposals and other paperwork
Offered suggestions or alternatives
Knowledge of facility and set up needs
Knowledge of menu and options
Did you work with your Sales Manager throughout the detail process?
Did your event include Audio Visual services provided by Active Production and Design?
If you had no Audio/Visual Services, please skip to question 22. Please rate your experience with Active Production and Design on the following:
Overall service provided
Overall experience with sales manager
On-site production staff
Products/services offered
Did the final event order and diagram match the set up on the night of your event?
Was the room set up on time?
Please rate your experience on the following:
Food taste & quality
Food presentation
Timeliness of service
Did your Wolfgang Puck Catering Captain introduce himself/herself to you?
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Overall service provided
Availability and visibility
Being empowered to make decisions
Problem solving
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