Providing educators with the tools they need when the rules are not enough

Every day, teachers somewhere will face a situation that isn't addressed in their school's rules or policies. Yet, their school administrators, the students and the community will expect them to still make the best decision.

The ProEthica® program is designed to help teachers when they find themselves in these difficult situations. It gives them the tools they need to guide their decision making, mitigate professional risk, and support student safety and welfare.

A multiyear professional development program, the ProEthica program helps educators learn how to apply professional ethics and a decision-making framework to the myriad of ethical dilemmas they encounter on a daily basis and throughout their careers. The ProEthica program is the ideal complement to your district's existing training on conduct and regulations, because it provides your teachers with the guidance they desire in those areas that aren’t covered in a school's rules and policies.

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