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Additional Resources
During your first few days with Ascension, there will be a number of additional orientation steps to take, such as familiarizing yourself with systems and applications, signing up for benefits or retirement, completing additional training, and getting comfortable with managing your timecard. This page includes information and resources to guide you through those steps and directs you to who to contact with questions or where to look for answers.
Self Service — Connect Me
This section includes information regarding the various Self-Service systems and tools used by Ascension that you will have access to once you've started work within the organization. The information and resources below will help you to learn about and navigate each system or tool.
The myAscension Portal is the single access point for PeopleSoft and Kronos. You will use the portal to complete your employee self-service and manager self-service tasks, submit your timecards, view your paystubs, manage your benefits, place purchase orders, submit expenses, and more. Once you have your active directory ID and password (same as what you will use to log in to the network or your email), you will be able to log in to the Portal.
Ministry Service Center (MSC)
The Ministry Service Center (MSC), located in Indianapolis, Indiana, houses a cross-functional team of associates dedicated to providing support for many Finance, Human Resources (HR) and Supply Chain functions, including benefits, payroll, leave requests, Kronos questions and requisitioner issues. Support includes processing transactions as well as managing inquiries for those functions.

Watch the video to the learn more about the MSC.
Ascension Technologies
Ascension Technologies provides information technology (IT) services to all Ascension ministries and associates, providing services from within the ministries as well as several national locations. Ascension Technologies team members you may interact with include the chief information officer, information security officer, associates supporting applications such as the electronic health record (EHR) system, and many others. If you have any IT questions or needs, please contact your local Ascension Technologies service desk and they will be happy to assist you.
Timekeeping (Kronos) and Payroll
All associate timekeeping is completed in Kronos Workforce Central, which includes Kronos time clocks and Kronos online.

You will have the ability to input and manage your time and attendance information using Kronos time clocks or online through the myAscension Portal web-based application, once you have your network log-in.

General Rules and Information:

  • You can check your paid time off (PTO) balance and review your punches at a clock or use the online application
  • Always review your timecard regularly

If you are an hourly associate:

  • You are required to punch in and out at the beginning and end of each shift to accurately record your hours worked
  • If you miss a punch, tell your supervisor or timekeeper. They will have to enter it for you.
  • Individuals who are eligible for differentials will have them paid automatically on their bi-weekly paycheck
  • Overtime is paid after 40 worked hours in a week
  • Two week pay period (0700 Sunday to 0659 Sunday two weeks later)

If you are an exempt/salaried associate:

  • Your timecard is automatically populated with 80 regular hours worked every two weeks, which means you will not have to submit your time card at the end of each pay period
  • Only log in to Kronos to adjust your timecard when you need to add your PTO, request PTO, or modify your time from Regular hours worked
  • The work week runs from Sunday to Saturday


You are paid every other Friday one week in arrears, or one week after completion of the pay period. The pay period is two work weeks in length. The Ministry Service Center (MSC) is responsible for processing payroll on a bi-weekly schedule.


myLearning is a Learning Management System (LMS) that supports your learning and development by managing your self-directed or assigned training. You may be assigned training based on your job, organization, or a need for training based on assessment of your skills or regulations.

Take control of your own training by searching for training options provided in myLearning; log into myLearning once you receive your system/network login ID.

After hire, access myLearning via a hyperlink on your local Intranet myLearning provides access to training that will allow you to:

  • Attain required skills and competencies
  • Create opportunities for career development and personal growth
  • Increase productivity
  • Comply with laws and regulations
Outlook is Ascension’s Email system available directly from a desk top, intranet home page,, or through myAscension.
Good Day Ascension
Good Day Ascension will automatically launch when you first open Outlook each day. It serves as Ascension’s daily “online newspaper” featuring news and information from across our national ministry. Sharing our collective efforts, patient stories, best practices and successes is a key component of our journey to One Ascension. It’s in that spirit that Good Day Ascension was created. This site is about and for our associates and our daily work in delivering our Mission to those most in need.
Total Rewards — Comfort Me
New Hire Benefits Information
As part of your compensation, Ascension offers a comprehensive, market-competitive benefits package designed to meet the needs of our associates and their families. And with many choices, you can select the plans that are right for you. You will be eligible for our medical, dental and vision plans on the first of the month coinciding with or following your date of hire.

Deadline for Enrollment You have 31 days to enroll from the date you become eligible. You will receive an email notification of your personal enrollment deadline. If you do not enroll, you will be automatically enrolled in our default benefits.

Virtual Tour of Ascension Benefits with Alex Want an easy way to learn about the benefits we offer? ALEX can help. ALEX is an online, informative and entertaining benefits guide that explains your benefit options in plain English. With point-by-point comparisons, definitions and examples, ALEX gives you what you need to make informed decisions.

To take a virtual tour with Alex once you have your log-in, visit, and click on my benefits >> go to benefits page >> review your choices.

ALEX will:
  1. Ask you questions (your answers are anonymous)
  2. Show you how the plans compare
  3. Crunch numbers and provide details on your choices
SmartHealth Well-being Program
Ascension offers a Well-being Program for all associates who enroll in benefits. The Program is designed to reward associates for the activities and actions you take based on your personal wellness goals. The program helps you identify areas of health risk and offers resources to help you improve and maintain your health. And we'll reward your efforts to live well with up to $400 in healthy rewards annually. For more information, visit the member info center.
Retirement Savings Program

Ascension’s Retirement Savings Program is designed to support you with your retirement goals, provide you with flexibility and portability for the retirement benefits that you earn in the future, and give you control over how these amounts are invested. You will be able to make your own investment decisions, or have them determined for you automatically. And once you are vested, you can take your future earned retirement benefits with you, wherever you go.

Retirement Savings Programs
  • A 403(b) plan, offered in not-for-profit health ministries, and a 401(k) plan, offered in for-profit locations, which provide for your before-tax contributions.
  • The Employer Contribution Account, which provides for employer contributions that your health ministry may provide.

By enrolling in the 403(b) or 401(k) plan, you will have satisfaction in knowing you're taking steps toward your future financial health.

After you’ve received your first paycheck, you will have a Transamerica record and will be able to sign up for the Retirement Saving Program via online enrollment.

Retirement Savings Program Highlights
Our Program offers these employee and employer contributions:

Employee Contributions

  • You are eligible to make pretax contributions to the Program through payroll deduction if you are an eligible Employee of a Participating Institution.
  • Your contributions can be as little as $1 or 1% or as much as 80% of earning, but no more than the limit on tax-deferred savings contributions in effect each calendar year.
  • The limit is $18,000 in 2017, plus an additional $6,000 if you are at least age 50 in 2017, indexed thereafter.

Employer Matching Contributions

  • Your Health Ministry's Employer Matching Contribution is equal to 50% of the first 6% of Earnings that you contribute each pay period to the 403(b) Plan.
  • You will be eligible for the match if you are regularly scheduled to work 40 hours per pay period.

Employer Automatic Contributions

  • To be eligible initially for Employer Automatic Contributions, you must be credited with at least 1,000 Hours in one calendar year. Thereafter, to receive the annual contribution each year, you must be credited with at least 500 Hours and be employed on December 31 as an eligible Employee.
  • Hours of Service are credited to the calendar year in which the associate is paid for the Hours.
  • This means, for instance, if the last pay period of 2017 has a 2018 check date, all the Hours for that bi-weekly pay period will be credited to 2018 for all purposes — including Eligibility and Vesting.
  • The contribution is a percentage of Earnings based on Service Points; for example, 2.00% of Earnings if Service Points are less than 5 years.
Post-Hire — Engage Me
Ascension's Behavioral Standards
Here is an introduction to our list of desired associate behaviors essential to building community at Ascension. These behaviors are an outward reflection of our Values and have been thoughtfully considered as an invitation for every associate to embrace and live into intentionally. Open the Essential Behaviors handout to learn more as you join our Ascension community.
Additional Training Requirements
After hire, you will be required to complete additional training modules that cover policies or regulatory and compliance standards. You must complete the training assigned to you within the timeframe noted below. You will receive a network email notifying you of your training assignments. Once you have access to myLearning and receive your network ID and password, log in to review your “ToDo” list on your Learner Dashboard and complete the training.

Here is the list of the national training modules you must complete:

  • IT Privacy and Security (due within 30 days of hire)
  • Workplace Violence (due within 30 days)
  • IS Phishing Module (due within 30 days)
  • Ascension Compliance Program (due within 90 days)
  • High Reliability Organization (HRO) (due within 90 days)

*Please see your myLearning "ToDo" list or Supervisor for more information about additional required modules for your market, facility, department or role.

“Welcome to Ascension: One Community for One Mission” Session
As an Ascension associate, part of your onboarding will include a “Welcome to Ascension: One Community for One Mission” session. When this session is offered will depend on your location. It may be as soon as your first day, but no later than 90 days after your start date. The session offers each associate the invitation to participate in conversation and activities focused on you, your role and your connection with our ministry identity, Mission, Values and with one another. You will come away with greater awareness of our organizational history, strategy and structure, and opportunities to be more involved locally. For more information contact your manager or your local Mission Integration leadership.
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