When you join Ascension, you join a team called to serve the community and each other. You join a ministry dedicated to amplifying your voice. You will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with team members across the U.S. who serve in other Ministry Markets. In addition to the chance to have a positive impact on the people and communities we serve, you will benefit from significant professional opportunities, career advancement, training, and competitive wages.

It is through you, your gifts, your talents, your faith journey and your “yes” to those in need that our mission is vibrant and continues. Thank you for choosing to join the Ascension family.
Onboarding Requirements & Information
Thank you for answering the call to serve those most in need. Being part of the Ascension team, you'll benefit from the support of nationwide collaboration between our hospitals, medical practices and healthcare innovators. As a leading non-profit provider of care, we're committed to transforming the way we deliver healthcare by sharing best practices and knowledge from one community to another.
  • Once you complete your required modules, the attestation form must include your electronic acknowledgment.
Safety, Emergency Management and Environment of Care
This module outlines our safety guidelines and covers emergency management, hazard communication, personal protective equipment (PPE), fire and electrical safety, reporting, and other safety topics.

Further information will be provided to you once you’ve begun work regarding your facility or work location’s additional safety measures.
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Infection Prevention
Complete the following module to learn more about the steps you should take to practice infection prevention. IMPORTANT NOTE: This module links out to an external website hosted by the U.S. Department of Health, "Partnering to Heal." You will be directed to watch a 6:30 min. video. Please watch only that first video and then return to your module to complete the rest of the course to complete requirement #3.
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Ascension Compliance, Privacy, and Information Security
As you join our community, we would like to introduce you to the Ascension Compliance Program and information security. A workplace in which following ethical and legal business practices is the essence of Integrity, one of our Ascension Values.
Diversity and Inclusion
Your workplace environment and the area you serve will likely be comprised of people of various populations. In the spirit of respect, it is important to develop a personal approach for making observations about and interacting with the people we work with and serve who come from differing cultures and backgrounds.

Complete the following module to learn more about the significance, components, and characteristics of cultural diversity; factors that influence culture; and the role cultural diversity plays in the workplace.
Workplace Violence Prevention
Ascension Ministries are committed to providing a safe and violence free environment for all who enter our facilities. Complete the module to learn about identifying various forms of workplace violence, early warning signs, personal safety measures, and reporting incidents.
Introduction to Ethics in Ascension
As a ministry of the Catholic Church, Ascension must adopt the Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDs) for Catholic Health Care Services as a matter of policy. Complete this module to learn about the ERDs and ethics at Ascension.
Once you’ve completed all pre-hire requirements, access the attestation form and electronically sign it to acknowledge your completion.

NOTE: This attestation is NOT to be used for Ascension Living. Follow your direct link.
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