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Welcome to the Ascension Supplier Portal

As an Ascension supplier, you can take advantage of our many self-service options. Please select from one of the quick links below to access a few of our most frequently used tools. Please note, you may be asked to sign in prior to use.

IMPORTANT: Ascension's FedEx inbound shipping account number has been compromised. Please update your system with the new account number found on outboud Ascension POs. 

Submit Invoice
Invoices should be sent directly to Click to attach and submit invoices by email. Please follow the guidelines below.
  • One invoice per email attachment. Please do not include multiple invoices in a single attachment.
  • Acceptable attachment formats: DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PPT, RTF, TIF, TIFF, TXT, HTML, HTM.
  • Message content is not read; only attachments are forwarded for processing.
  • Help us avoid payment processing delays and submit invoices just once (unless we ask otherwise).
To ensure proper payment processing, please include a valid 15-digit PO number on each invoice attachment.

Invoiced details must match line details on the Ascension purchase order. Do not invoice for amounts greater than those shown on the PO.
Inquire about Invoices
Click to open the Statement Account Reconciliation Automation (SARA) template, a specially formatted Excel template that allows our automation tool to search for invoices across multiple Ascension systems to deliver a response to you within one business day with the status of your invoices. Complete required fields, attach the completed Excel document to an email, and send it to

Please review the SARA Quick Reference Guide for detailed instructions to fill out the template.
View Payment History
Click to sign in to the Ascension Supplier Portal. After signing in, search for a payment to view and download the payment details. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide Viewing Payment Details for instructions.
View Purchase Orders
Click to sign in to the Ascension Supplier Portal. After signing in, search for a Purchase Order to view the PO details. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide Viewing Purchase Orders for instructions.
Update Your Information
Click to sign in to the Ascension Supplier Portal. After signing in, submit a request to update your company’s payment terms, PO dispatch method, preferred freight method, company name, or remit address. Refer to the Quick Reference Guides under Supplier Resources for instructions.
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