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What is a Match Exception?
It’s a discrepancy between an invoice and its PO. (It may also indicate that data entry is pending.) We work to avoid payment delays by resolving Match Exceptions in as timely a manner as possible.
How do I obtain a PO number for my invoice?
To ensure payment, you’ll need a valid 15-digit PO number. To get one, contact the individual or department at the local health ministry where products were delivered or services rendered.
Why doesn’t Ascension notify me concerning all invoice exceptions?
Unfortunately, we are not able to notify suppliers of all invoice exceptions. If we need information or action to keep your invoice moving forward, we’ll contact you.
How do I update my company’s information (payment terms, payment method, contact details, etc.)?
Submit a request via the Supplier Portal. Consult the Quick Reference Guides under Supplier Resources for assistance.
What do I do if I receive a PO with incorrect item information or the incorrect supplier name? 
Call the Ascension Supplier Line at 317-334-8363. Our Purchasing team will update and confirm the PO; you can then ship the order with required corrections.
Where do I send Proof of Delivery for a PO?
Send to
What is the preferred shipping method for Ascension Purchase Orders? How should shipping charges be billed to Ascension?
If prepay and add shipping charges apply (based on your contract), use the following instructions. (Otherwise, ship via your preferred method.)
  • Small packages: FedEx and bill third party, FOB Destination using the FedEx account number shown on the purchase order, or call (855) 826-8200 ext. 2 to obtain the FedEx account number.
  • Non-expedited order: FedEx Ground.
  • Expedited order: FedEx Express using service level required to meet delivery date. Enter the 15-digit PO number in the Recipient Address Line 2 Field or the Attention Field.
  • Combined weight exceeding 150 pounds or other large packages: call 844-875-7444 or email to schedule pick-up and delivery.
How do I apply a discount or credit to an Ascension account?
Send credit memos via email attachment to for any discounts and credits (e.g. overpayments, product returns, discounted items, duplicate payments). Credit memos should be clearly identified as such, and should reference the original PO number and invoice number so funds can be applied appropriately. Please do not apply credits to open invoice balances or add discount lines to invoice totals.
How do I send a refund to the MSC?
Credit memos are preferred but if that’s not an option, a refund check will work. Be sure to reference the original invoice number and payment number as well as the reason for the refund in the accompanying documentation. Mail refund checks to:
Ascension - Payments
PO Box 677884
Dallas, TX 75267-7884
How do I get copies of sales tax exemption certificates for Ascension?
You can visit our online library of sales tax exemption certificates to download documents for all of Ascension’s health ministries.
What do I do if I forgot my password for the Supplier Portal?
Click the Sign In button at the top right of this page and click the Forgot Password? link to reset your password.
What is Ascension’s preferred method for invoice submission?

For best results, we recommend that suppliers consider enrolling for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with our partner GHX. To learn more about enrolling, please visit If you are already using GHX Exchange, send us a Boarding Request for pertinent accounts.

If EDI is not an option for your company, please submit all invoices via email to Please note that all invoices must reference a valid 15-digit Ascension PO number for payment processing.

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