Pavement Coatings

SB 120 Pavement Coatings


Product Properties

Shelf Life Shelf life is 24 months.
5-gallon Part A (3.75 gal net content) Part B:1-pint (10 oz net content) Always use with Colorant (1 pint or 1 quart depending on color)
55-gallon Part A (45 gallon net content) Part B: 2-gallon (1.6 gallon net content) Always use with Colorant (2-gallon)

StreetBond 120 Pavement Coatings

StreetBond SB120 is a two-component extended formulation of StreetBond SB150 advanced waterborne epoxy-modified acrylic coating. StreetBond SB120 can be used on textured (stamped) or non-textured (flat) asphalt pavement. StreetBond SB120 can be used on concrete with proper surface preparation and primer. (Refer to StreetBond Installer’s Guides for additional information.) StreetBond SB120 is formulated for use on pedestrian areas with very low-to-no vehicular traffic. StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coating Part A, when mixed with StreetBond SB120 Part B and StreetBond Colorant, can be applied to:

Pedestrian Plazas
Raised Medians

Why Choose StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coatings?

StreetBond SB120 Pavement Coatings are:


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