Pavement Coatings

FrictionCoat Aggregate System


Product Properties

One unit of StreetBond FrictionCoat Aggregate System consists of one Jug and one Bag.

Shelf Life Shelf life is 24 months if unopened containers stored between 40°F and 90°F (4°C and 32°C).
Jug Contains 1 gallon (3.8 liter) jug of StreetBond Friction-Coat Aggregate System Resin
Bag Contains 34.4 lb (15.6 kg) bag of Dry Hardener and Street-Bond FrictionCoat Aggregate System Aggregate Supplement

Note: One (1) unit of colorant (sold separately) is required for each unit of StreetBond FrictionCoat Aggregate System.

StreetBond FrictionCoat Aggregate System

StreetBond FrictionCoat Aggregate System is the friction layer of the StreetBond Premium System for applications with higher traffic volume and higher speed turning areas. The viscosity of StreetBond FrictionCoat Aggregate System allows the Applicator to create a splatter of encapsulated aggregates. These concrete “islands” of encapsulated aggregate produce high points that support vehicular traffic, and significantly increase the durability of the StreetBond Premium System, as compared to StreetBond Coatings alone.

Streetbond Coatings System Overview

Take a minute to watch our 60-second video and see the enhancement potential of StreetBond.