We're thrilled that you're interested in writing for TalkNerdy2Me! 

TalkNerdy2Me is looking for pieces that are interesting to college students. We're interested in all a variety of subjects. Take a look around the blog to get an idea of what we like. Here are a few guidelines.
  • Keep the word count around 300 to 500.
  • Put brackets around text that you want to hyperlink and include the link immediately following. For example: Check out [TalkNerdy2Me], an awesome blog!
  • Insert an asterisk for each line break. Our submission form hates line breaks and strips them out.
  • Have a feature image ready to go. If your piece works for TalkNerdy2Me, we'll email to ask you for it. The feature image should be at least 900 pixels wide and have good lighting.
  • Have an image ready to include with your bio, if you want one.
  • You do have the option to be published anonymously. Just write Anonymous in the bio field on the next page.
 If you don't have a piece ready, fill out your writer info so that we can let you know when we're putting out a call for writers on a specific subject.
Please enter the email address where you receive NSCS Communications below. You'll include your submission on the next page.
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