Live tele-scheduling

Request appointments in real time

Combo applications

Combine multiple products and Clients in one application

Connect with Clients virtually

Using our temporary non-face-to-face process

Easy life and critical illness applications

All life products available

What others are saying

“I love the app. It’s the best one I have used
so far. I wrote a case on Monday and the
app was the easiest to use so far.” 
Jason Bonneteau Managing Partner, WPG The Wealth Planning Group Inc.

"1) Super easy to navigate and use –
takes less time and  2) auto-back-dating
alert wowed me."        

Sun eApp was
designed with advisor input.


  • Practice environment
  • Easy to use
  • Faster turnaround
  • Designed with advisor input
  • Accessed right from our advisor site


  • Attachments for new and in-force business
  • Digital policy settlement
  • Dynamic notifications for Accelerated Underwriting
  • Simple unlocking for simple error correction
  • Individual, joint and corporate ownership
  • Remote and in-person eSign
  • Age and amount requirements that update automatically for each application
  • Smart input fields stop mistakes before they happen


  • View sorted by Client and product information
  • Dashboards to organize open cases and Client actions
  • Applications are saved so you can complete them on your schedule
  • Intuitive UI guides you through the specifics of each application


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