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The CARFAX Best Practices series provides dealers with valuable tips to make the most out of their CARFAX partnership.
Product Demo: Canadian CARFAX Report
October 7, 2014 (17 minutes)

Join us as we reveal the exciting new features of the Canadian CARFAX Report - including access to the real-time cross Canada lien search. Our team of experts will walk you through the CARFAX Report while sharing best practices to help you acquire and sell cars with confidence.
Product Demo: CARFAX® Used Car Listings™
April 17, 2014 (23 minutes)

Introducing CARFAX® Used Car Listings™ – the new site that's helping consumers find the right car with the right history. Find out how how CARFAX® Used Car Listings™ can help YOU sell cars. And how vehicle history can help YOU build consumer confidence right from the start. You'll even get a sneak peak at the latest performance reporting available to YOU!
Reach More Service Customers
October 22, 2013 (27 minutes)

Is reaching new service customers one of your top goals this year? Have you been looking for new ways to turn your car buyers into service customers? Is retaining current service customers an on-going challenge? If you answered an emphatic YES to any of these questions then this webinar is for you.
What Does a CARFAX Report Show You
September 30, 2013 (50 seconds)

View this short video to learn more about the details of the CARFAX Report so you can better explain it to consumers. To further build consumer confidence, we encourage dealers and partners to add this video to your website. If interested, please contact John Eager at