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“SMARTair™ allows me to control and change access rights in real-time anytime and anywhere.”

Jonathan Reilly
Security Manager

We provide the solution for the access & control problem of today's facilities.

Be smart in a busy and constantly moving world.


What makes SMARTair™
worth to invest in?


Real-time access management


Real-time monitoring


Flexible access schedules


Advanced alerts


Easy user management


Easy door management


Wireless encrypted communication


Real-time access changes


Multiple authentications


No wiring. Battery powered.

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Door and wall devices
Door and wall devices

Door and wall devices

  • Wireless and battery-powered electronic devices
  • Modern and elegant product design
  • Wired wall readers are available for electrically activated devices
  • Flexible product range with solutions for special applications
Communication Hubs
Communication Hubs

Communication Hubs

  • Hubs are the nexus between management software and wireless devices
  • POE connection allows the hubs to be powered directly
  • Secure communications due to AES128 and SSL encryption
  • Each hub can manage up to 30 access points
  • Bi-directional communication allows for direct control of doors
SMARTair™ TS1000 software
SMARTair™ TS1000 software

SMARTair™ TS1000 software

  • Arguably one of the most intuitive management softwares
  • Client-server architecture with web services
  • Compatible with most popular web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • HTTPS secure connection between client and server
  • TCP/IP SSL encrypted communication between server and hubs


  • Compatible with the leading RFID technologies
  • Different types of formats such as cards, tags, bracelets or stickers
  • Mobile phones can remotely open doors using the secure SMARTair™ app
  • System can be configured to choose sophisticated multi-authentication models

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