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Secure your assets, improve your safety, and boost your productivity with CLIQ® from


Enhance your productivity, costs and security. Based on the field tested solution CLIQ® ensures an individual, reliable and flexible access control system.

CLIQ® is a mechatronic locking solution that combines the highest standards of electronic and mechanical security. The CLIQ® solution is comprised of the following: programmable keys, cylinders, padlocks and cam locks, administration software and key programming devices. Each CLIQ® key can be programmed by a system administrator to open only the locks for which a user has authorisation. Keys have replaceable batteries that power both the key and the lock when the key is inserted. Communication between lock and key is encrypted to ensure a high level of security. The locks are wireless, installation time is minimal, as is onsite maintenance.

Improve and shorten your processes. Save time, increase your efficiency, and reduce installation and current operating costs. The CLIQ® solution is fully scalable and can be configured to suit smaller installations right through to mega locking solutions that can have 50,000 plus locking points spread over a wide geographic area. CLIQ® can be used to secure facilities as diverse as remote water reservoirs in Wales, to power stations in Finland and district heating plants in Germany. Securing your infrastructure locally and worldwide. Benefit from this flexible and reliable access control solution.

Critical Infrastructure demands reliable access control

Remote sites can be secured using the same CLIQ® system as in the office - power comes from the battery in the key with up to ten years battery life, installation time is minimal. CLIQ® combines electronic and mechanical security - depending on the access point, mechatronic or mechanical cylinders can be installed.

Locking products for critical infrastructure are constantly under attack; from the environment or less scrupulous parties need to resist the following:


    Dust & Rain

    Extreme temperatures


    Harmful substances


    Unauthorized access

    High voltage
The CLIQ® solution


  • Web managed system, optional SaaS available
  • Access rights for keys, cylinders and users
  • Programmable access rights and flexible schedules to support workflows
  • Minimise the risks associated with lost keys
  • Audit trails and reports
  • Can be integrated with third party solutions
  • Easy to use administration software
  • CLIQ® Connect app for mobile validation of keys
Programming devices
Programming devices
The CLIQ® solution

Programming devices

  • Position on desks or walls, or a use mobile programmer for use in the field
  • Transfer access rights and receive audit trails from keys
  • Updaters for key access rights can be installed on site or as mobile version
  • Remote programming devices for updating keys anywhere
  • New: CLIQ® Connect app enables a user to update keys via Bluetooth®
The CLIQ® solution


  • Programmable keys with flexible access rights
  • Battery powered (standard battery) and easy battery replacement
  • Access point and time-limited access rights
  • Easy cancellation of lost keys - Optional short validity time of keys minimise the risk of lost keys
  • Optional with integrated RFID chip for integration into 3rd party systems
  • Traceability with time stamped audit trails - who accessed where and when
  • Encrypted communication between keys, locks and software
  • Common access control features to compliment existing processes
  • Remote programming devices for updating keys anywhere, where User keys are optionally
  • Available for use in potentially-explosive areas in Zone 1 (II 2G Ex ib IIB T4)
Cylinders & padlocks
Cylinders & padlocks
The CLIQ® solution

Cylinders & padlocks

  • Micro chip stores access rights and audit trails
  • Programmable access rights and flexible schedules to support workflows
  • Power supplied via CLIQ® key
  • IP rated and suitable for extreme temperatures and weather conditions
  • Suitable to work in explosive risk environments

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How CLIQ® works in practice

Learn how you can secure your infrastructure on site and in the field. Depending on your requirements, CLIQ® is the unique solution to ensure reliable flexible access control.
User Case on site

Need for access

Technician gets access denied to a certain area and needs time limited access - he calls the receptionist.

New access rights

The receptionist creates time limited access rights for the technician's key.

Updating the key

The technician can now update his key via the wall programming device.

Time and locally limited access

The technician now has time limited access to specific areas and applications (elevator, doors, cupboards, switch gears etc.).

User Case in the field

Need for access

Plant worker gets access denied to a certain area in the field and needs time limited access - he calls the receptionist.

New access rights

The receptionist creates time limited user rights for the workers key.

Remote update

The plant worker can now update his key remotely via the CLIQ® mobile programming device using his mobile phone or the CLIQ® Connect app.

Time and locally limited access

The plant worker now has time limited access to specific areas and applications (gates, mini safes, doors, padlocks, switch gears etc.).

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What makes CLIQ®
so well suited?


Freedom to administer anytime and anywhere


Flexible Management of access rights and schedules


Reduced cost due to wire free installation


Certified for local market requirements


Robust and reliable locks


Solutions for remote property and equipment


Reduces risk of lost keys


Supports workflows and audit trails

Voices of your industry colleagues

Proven in the field. CLIQ® is a trusted technology worldwide. Compared to conventional locking systems you benefit from its high security and cost effectiveness.
Electricity North West Limited, UK


  • Electricity North West Limited is the distribution network operator for the North-West, England
  • Serves around 5 million people via 57,000 km of overhead lines and under ground cables and more than 34,000 transformers
  • Looking for a solution to control access at its sites spread across urban and remote rural locations.


  • Locks that meet the industry security standard for attack resistance, to ensure the continuity and safety of electricity supply
  • A locking solution which enables Electricity North West Limited to control keys more easily
  • The ability to generate audit trails on demand, identifying when keys and locks were operated
  • A survey and installation service

Solution: CLIQ®

Helsinki Energia, Finland


  • One of Finland's largest energy companies
  • Supplies around 400,000 customers with electricity, covering about 90 percent of the heating needs of the national capital
  • Locking system suited to a large and dispersed workforce: around 1,250 employees and 2,600 contractors, with ever-changing access requirements


  • High levels of security to ensure reliability of energy supply, around 24/7
  • System that works across 3,500 door openings and 70 different site locations, ranging in type from power plants to warehouses
  • Remote web-based administration for managing staff and contractor access rights
  • Reliable solution to avoid interruption in supply which would affect homes and businesses across the city

Solution: CLIQ®

Stadtwerke Basel, Switzerland


  • Energy service provider in Basel and the region of north-western Switzerland
  • Provides also natural gas, district heat, drinking water and telecommunications services
  • Builds and operates all necessary production facilities and networks


  • Large spread of entire supply area
  • Company uses approximately 4.500 locking cylinders, which are exposed to different climatic and environmental conditions at various locations
  • Conditions include direct solar radiation, freezing temperatures and rain, as well as heavily travelled intersections and tunnels

Solution: CLIQ®

Stadtwerke Speyer, Germany


  • Supplies the residents of Speyer with power, gas, water, and district heating
  • The utility provider also runs Speyer's waste management, and a subsidiary is responsible for public transport, harbours, park management, and ferry services
  • Company is the infrastructure backbone of the Rhineland town and its surrounding area, involved in everything from water safety to residents' daily commute


  • 50,000 people rely on the company to keep operating, safely, 24/7
  • The new locking system needed to be simple to install and easy to expand or amend as security needs changed
  • The utility provider operates within strict budget guidelines
  • Management software which could provide audit trails on demand
  • The locking cylinders must withstand tough weather conditions

Solution: CLIQ®

Eskilstuna Energi, Sweden


  • Operates 24/7 providing water, heating, electricity and environmental services to the city and municipality of Eskilstuna
  • Multiple types of building require security, including a waterworks, a heating plant and a recycling centre, plus around 300 pump stations in the area
  • Serving approx. 97,000 residents


  • Highest level of security, to ensure that sites relating to water, electricity and other vital environmental works were safe from trespassing, sabotage and other risks
  • Locking system flexible enough to work with different types of building and security setup, from high-security perimeter fencing and access control systems, to openings where a padlock provides deterrence
  • Variable permission control for different time periods and multiple types of user

Solution: CLIQ®

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